Gilkes Energy launches first pumped storage hydro ‘PSH’ project

The Earba Storage Project is a proposed pumped storage hydro (‘PSH’) scheme with an installed capacity of up to 1,800MW and stored energy of up to 40,000 MWh making it the largest such scheme in the UK in terms of energy stored.

Commenting on the project, Carl Crompton Managing Director of Gilkes Energy said:

“After a number of years work, we are delighted to launch the Earba Pumped Storage Hydro ‘PSH’ project. At up to 1,800MW installed capacity and 40,000MWh stored energy, this will be the largest such project in the UK.

Energy storage allows energy produced during times of excess generation (mainly wind) to be stored and released later when there is a deficit of renewable energy. Pumped Storage Hydro ‘PSH’ projects are in effect very big batteries and the technology behind these projects is both very mature and robust, but also extremely cost competitive.

The Earba project is in an excellent location with the geography in the area providing some natural water storage, and allowing the project to be sensitively blended into the landscape.

By developing and investing in PSH capacity, we are helping more renewables to be added to the UK System, displacing expensive and carbon-emitting gas generation and ultimately speeding up the transition to a clean, carbon-free economy.

We look forward to bringing this ambitious project to fruition”.

Please visit the dedicated project website for regular updates.    

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