About Us

Gilkes Energy Ltd (GEL) specializes in the development of conventional hydro power and pumped storage hydro ‘PSH’ projects in the UK

Along with providing and raising investment capital we also manage projects through their five phases:

Origination & Feasibility – identification of projects, initial technical and economic screening.
Permitting & Planning – managing the planning consent process, and other regulatory processes.
Tendering & Procurement – financial modelling, tendering, commercial contracts and securing ‘route to market’.
Construction – managing the construction process, administering contracts & controlling costs.
Operations - managing operations and maintenance, optimizing performance & reporting to investors.

Using a build, own, operate ‘BOO’ model, to date we have developed 17 hydro projects which are now generating.

In 2018 we moved our focus from conventional small-scale hydro to much larger Pumped Storage Hydro ‘PSH’. This change in focus reflected the fact that the UK needs vast amounts of energy storage in order to balance the grid.

As the UK System transitions from being dominated by ‘on-demand’ thermal generation to intermittent renewables, it becomes increasingly difficult to balance electricity supply and demand. Energy storage allows energy produced during times of excess generation (mainly wind) to be stored and released later when there is a deficit of renewable energy. Pumped Storage Hydro ‘PSH’ is a mature, proven, long-lifespan (100yr+) technology which has the ability to deliver large capacities of energy storage for long durations. PSH projects are in effect very big batteries.

The Earba Pumped Storage Hydro project is the first in line of a number of PSH projects which we plan to develop in the near future. Visit the Earba project website here for more information on this exciting new project.

A multi-disciplined development team

Building upon the 170 year track record of our parent company Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd (GGG) we have put together a highly-skilled development team which includes a full suite of consenting, engineering, commercial, financial and legal expertise ‘under one roof’. We are supported by an industry leading team of specialist technical consultants. We are straightforward to work with, deliver results and enjoy what we do.